About Hampton English Coaching

Why invest in tutoring?

Every parent wants the best for their child. A good education at a good school gives children such good start in life. However, today’s schools are often busy, stressful places, where the very bright student might not be fully challenged, and the struggling student might not receive enough intensive one-to-one help. Top state grammar schools and top band independent schools in the London area set increasingly demanding entrance exams for increasingly competed-for places. GCSE and A level courses contain a multitude of different units, all demanding different skills.

This is where private tuition can be so helpful. In a comfortable yet structured environment, students can receive focussed and bespoke coaching in English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning for all the top school entrance exams, plus help with interview technique. Older students can benefit from specific help with GCSE and A level English. I have taught English Language and Literature at GCSE and IGCSE, and English Language and Literature A level for twenty years. I have also coached for 10+, 11+ and 13+ Entrance exams for over ten years. You are in safe hands!

A typical lesson involves an initial assessment of the student’s literacy level, and a discussion with the student to establish any areas of concern. Younger students will take spelling and reading age tests. They will work through a series of literary texts, learning new vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation skills along the way. They will receive a great deal of help with creative composition planning and writing, building up their confidence so that they can produce high quality compositions under timed conditions. They also work through comprehension papers in order to familiarise themselves with the exam techniques and ‘tricks’ needed to gain high marks. I encourage students to discuss their texts, as this improves their speaking and listening skills. I also encourage students to read widely, and have a library of ‘good reads’ available.

GCSE and A Level tuition is certainly more exam-focussed. We work through the various mark schemes of the exam units, so that students know exactly what they are being marked for in each exam task, and what each paper is worth. However, I also believe in enriching their knowledge with wider reading and contextual background, particularly when teaching Literature, as this ‘deeper’ level of understanding makes for a more sophisticated and ‘A* band’ response.